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Why Doctors Need Stethoscope


WHY DOCTORS NEED StethoscopeIf you were sick and check to the doctor, it’s almost certain this cold and caudate stuff was touching your body. Stethoscope certainly not a new stuff for those of you who aspire to be doctors. Rene Théophile Hyacinthe Laennec created this  tool in 1816. Nowadays  stethoscope is a medical devices mandatory for general practitioners. Since before there was a stethoscope, the doctor uses his ears directly to the patient’s body. That is very uncomfortable isn’t it?

stethoscope part consists of a bell and diaphragm. When the bell is placed on the skin, the sound of the pressure waves will reverberate in the tube and into the ear. that small-frequency waves can be translated by the doctors to diagnose patients. As quoted from Livestrong, Monday (19/07/2010) there is some function of the stethoscope usage, namely:
To listen to the heartbeat
If a stethoscope placed on the chest a variety of different heart sounds could be heard. The voices of the atria, chambers of the heart, and heart valves can be heard. Working heartbeat or abnormal heart valves can also be heard.

Knowing the lungs work
Stethoscope can also forward voice lungs when placed on the chest or the back of the body. When the doctor told the patient take a deep breath in, the doctor listened to the sound of air into the lungs. He will know when there is abnormality in the lungs.

Listening to bowel sounds
When a stethoscope is placed in the stomach, it will be audible bowel sounds are processing food. By counting the frequency of gastric contraction motion, the doctor can know the condition of the patient digestion.

Measuring blood pressure

Stethoscope can be used along with conventional blood pressure measuring devices. To measure blood pressure with a stethoscope, it takes a cuff placed above the elbow. The cuff will inflate and used a stethoscope to listen to the pulse rate useful.
Then are there anyone interested in becoming a doctor? So that you can use a stethoscope..

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