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Tocotrienols Side Effects And Health Benefits

tocotrienols side effects

Tocotrienols side effects have not been widely studied than tocopherols (another element of vitamin E). But the health benefits of  tocotrienols already widely reported from various studies. The difference the between tocotrienols and tocopherols are in the chemical structure.tocotrienols side effects

Tocotrienols are dietary supplements to protect against brain cell damage, stroke, prevent cancer and reduce cholesterol. This variant of vitamin E typically only occurs at very low levels in nature. Tocotrienols naturally found in select vegetable oils, wheat germ, barley, saw palmetto, and certain types of nuts and grains.

There are three commercial sources of tocotrienols are annatto bean, palm oil, and rice bran oil. Annatto Tocotrienol is tocotrienol product has the highest concentration of delta T3 that  is natural and tocopherol-free.

Tocotrienols Side Effects :

Tocotrienols side effects are probably similar to side effects of using vitamin E.


Tocotrienols side effects include nausea, stomach gas, and vomiting. Stomach problems may be minor or severe. Medical treatment should be sought if side effects are felt getting worse, according to

Allergic Side Effects

Allergic tocotrienols side effects include facial swelling, rashes, and trouble breathing. Chest pain, itching, and headaches are also possible reactions.

High-Dose Side Effects

High doses of tocotrienols in humans unknown, is likely to have bad effect on high blood pressure. Experiments conducted by NIH researchers reported a high dosage of alpha-tocotrienols increases high blood pressure in rats.

Pregnancy Use Unknown

Pregnant women or women who breast feed is not recommended for using tocotrienols. According to, there hasn’t been enough testing done to know tocotrienols side effects for pregnant women.

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