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Diet Pills Three Scary Fact

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Obesity indeed a huge problem this recent year and the future. Even the pet as well exposed to problems of overweight. However for the industry, this problem is a huge market as well to increase production and sales. You as a consumer have to be really careful since not all weight loss diet pills products that supplied on the internet good for your health. Check this weight loss diet pills three scary fact :

1. Adulterated  Product

Soo many adulterated products in the market. Adulterated products can be far riskier than prescription weight loss pills. If you’d had a prescription for Meridia, for instance, you would have been under a doctor’s care and would have been aware of how much sibutramine (An appetite suppressant) you were taking, as well as what side effects you might expect.

The fact is, the FDA has found more than 70 afda approved weight loss pillsdulterated tainted weight loss products. They had been adulterated with undeclared stimulants, antidepressants, and diuretics, often in amounts exceeding the maximum recommended dosages at which such drugs can be prescribed (read here for FDA approved weight loss pills). Many with names like Natural Model, 24 Hours Diet, and Slim Burn. Sometimes the additives aren’t legal even with a prescription.

When your body’s excess sibutramine will be very dangerous. It can lead to disruption in cardiac performance, may impact on heart attack and stroke. Perhaps you get the weight loss a few pounds but got heart disease instead.

2. Dishonest Information on The Label

Many products diet pills not “honest” inform its content. An average the label Did not have two Important warnings: First, that this product was illegally fill up with dangerous amounts of a powerful prescription-strength stimulant called Sibutramine. Second, you could have had a heart attack, if you had tried it.

According to Tod Cooperman, MD, president of Would the makers would throw in something like caffeine to give you a kick. “Now they’re adding in compounds you find in prescription drugs without including that information on their labels.”

3. Your Diet Will Be Fail

Worse things to be considered carefully before using the diet pill is a diet will be fail if you remains consuming diet pill. According to the expert “There’s no drug or dietary supplement That I know of that’s safe and effective long term. ” Many physicians recommend a healthy diet and regular exercise as the only sustainable way to lose weight and stay healthy.

In fact according to research suggests that even if you do lose weight by using a drug or supplement, once you stop taking the product, you will gain back the weight and may be at greater risk of a heart attack or stroke.