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This Woman Gave Up To Tinnitus And Chose To End Her Life

Gaby Olthuis

Gaby Olthuis a 47-year-old woman a mother of two children with chronic tinnitus Came to a special clinic in The Hague to end his suffering with death and the doctor “help” her. Now the “special” clinic is now facing criticism.

Gaby Olthuis
Olthuis experiencing very serious tinnitus. She described the noise in her head as being like a train screeching, 24-hour noise. The problem was so severe every noise she made, even opening a plastic bag, the caused her agony.

In the Netherlands, euthanasia has been legal since 2002 under strict conditions and with the approval of two doctors. In order to qualify for euthanasia the patient must be ‘Suffering unbearably’.

Doctors at the clinic have Carried out 250 euthanasia requests, since it was opened over two years ago.

To anyone who face health problems such as this, do not give up there is always a better way, always.

Lipoflavonoid Ingredients – Is Eriodictyol Glycoside Safe ?

lipoflavonoid ingredients

When asking lipoflavonoid ingredients, you should know that Lipoflavonoid is a dietary supplement. The use of Lipoflavonoids is for the treatment of tinnitus. Lipoflavonoid is a compound of vitamins and nutrients formula proposed adding minerals and vitamins in the human body, as many people not usually eat nutritious and meals in balanced.lipoflavonoid ingredients

It consists of eriodictyol glycoside (a type of bioflavonoid), and the following vitamins: Vitamin B6 and B12 (B complex), vitamin C, pantothenic acid, thiamine, niacin, choline, riboflavin, inositol. All the elements conveniently packed into a tablet.

Again, Lipoflavonoid is a dietary supplement, it is all the vitamins not prescription drugs. Eriodictyol glycoside is an extract from citrus bioflavonoid and has been shown to help to maintain the body health and improve microcirculation in the ear.

Are Lipoflavonoid Ingredients To Cure Tinnitus Safe?

Lipoflavonoids are generally used as a treatment for tinnitus, and are not approved for this use by the Food and Drug Administration – FDA.

Although the manufacturer claimed that Lipoflavonoid ingredients are safe, nutritionists at the Mayo Clinic says about the side effects of lipoflavonoid “supplements may do more harm than good.”

There are also many studies that have shown the superiority of Lipoflavonoids, but not enough to convince the FDA.

After knowing Lipoflavonoids ingredients, you should be careful to choose the treatment of tinnitus that works effectively.