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Asparagus For Cancer Cure Hoax Or Not ?

asparagus for cancer cure hoax

Does asparagus for cancer cure hoax? It is has long time been the talk of asparagus can cure cancer, or take asparagus diet to prevent cancer. A little different with soursop, cancer is a vegetable that is said to cure various diseases. Here are excerpts from some diseases that can be treated by the asparagus:

… Other uses include the treatment of joint pain (Rheumatism), hormone imbalances in women, dryness in the lungs and throat, Constipation, nerve pain (neuritis), AIDS, cancer, and diseases Caused by Parasites.

What is Asparagusasparagus for cancer cure hoax

Asparagus is a stem, a vegetable that grows in sandy soils and is part of the family with onions, garlic and leeks. Asparagus is a good source of vitamin B6, C, A and Asparagus has no fat, cholesterol and is low in sodium.

Michigan Asparagus one of the most balanced diet vegetables in existence,” because the high concentration of folate, potassium, thiamin and fiber.

Asparagus For Cancer Cure Hoax E-mails?

It has been bruited about the Internet since October 2006 via email. It claims that biochemist to have found many cases of healing cencer using asparagus.

Override source of the email, asparagus cetain do have anti-cancer properties that kills cancer cells, it is high in the micronutrient glutathione and antioxidants. But there is no clinical evidence of asparagus cure various forms of cancer. The good side is good asparagus is consumed to prevent humans from cancer.

According to Johns Hopkins Cancer Experts, the risk factors for development of cancer is a poor diet and obesity associated with a poor diet.

The best is to consult your oncologist or health care provider before Trying a natural remedy for cancer. need more in-depth study to conclude either asparagus for cancer cure hoax or not .