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Why Is Colon Cancer Curable

Is colon cancer curable ? Colon cancer could becured, though the chance of the happening depends on the stage it’s got  discovered.  Any cancer that can be early diagnosed has big opportunity more curable, colon cancer is oneof the most diagnosed early type.

The prognosis for the majority types of cancers are poor–meaning there’s no known cure. For colon cancer or bowel cancer, the prognosis is pretty good compared with many other solid cancers, is diagnosed early. Between 50% and 60% of people who have colon cancer survive for five years, after which it a return of the cancer is uncommon.  When the disease is caught at the time when the tumour has not spread over the bowel wall (so-called Dukes grade A), then the cure rate is over 90 per Colon Cancer curable

Here are the stage definitions  as well as their survival rates:

Stage 1: Cancer has not grown over the wall, with no metastases are located – 5 year survival about 93% Continue with reading