Splat Glow In The Dark Hair Dye – FAQ

Splat Glow In The Dark Hair Dye

Splat glow in the dark hair dye is a “temporary hair color” is not the color of the hair cuticle. The product “coats” the hair with color. The product is temporary so it will probably last until five or more washings.

But there is a product claimed to be an extraordinary temporary hair color by adding self-illuminating glow. It can produces its own light without black lights, UV or neon! the gel has a microscopic particles are combined in the blending process to produce a bright glow. It makes at least 4-6 hours can be visible in the dark or in partial light.

The following are the frequent asked question (FAQ) and the answer about splat glow in the dark hair dye you might wanted to know:

What are the directions for splat glow in the dark hair dye ?

Apply splat Glow to outside your hair. Not rub it in. The glow-in-the-dark pigments must be visible, so it can glow in the dark and absorb light. After the lavish use of Splat Glow, charge the glow pigments by stand under the light. Then turn off the lights and your hair will be glowing!

Will neon markers glow under a blacklight?

Yes, highlighters will glow under a blacklight… I only use yellow though because they work well. Not sure of the other colors. Someone said: some do. blue, purple, pink, and green do not, but yellow and orange do. (depending on the brand sometimes orange doesn’t glow, and sometimes pink glows)

If you could give me some idea of how fesable this is and what products I could use to make the dye glow?

Phosphorescent Pigment does not dye the things around it. Therefore, it needs to maintain its original shape. The trick is to get it to stick to your hair using gel or hairspray. It should not discolor your hair. readmore..

To add your knowledge, see the glow in the dark hair dye instruction video below:

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