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Researchers Found Alternative Cure for Uterine Fibroids

A recent study has showed that vitamin D can prove good at treating uterine fibroids. Obviously this is really a good news that came from the National Institutes of Health, which funded the study.

For most doctors, besides GnRH agonists and other treatments, The only present treatment of fibroids is surgery including Hysterectomy and Myomectomy.  It costs $34 billion in US per year to have uterine fibroids treated. It is assumed that each year, about 200,000 US women select surgery to have uterine fibroids removed.uterine-fibroids

Vitamin D for Fibroids

The study to the rats found that the 75% of  rats who had been given vitamin D were benefited in fibroids tumor. However, other rats, who weren’t treated at all, witnessed development of uterine fibroids. Further research is necessary to get conducted to ensure  a concrete conclusion could possibly be drawn.

It has been informed that women within the childbearing age are much more likely to get affected with uterine fibroids. African-American women is the most commonly affected to uterine fibroids due to African-American women tend to get Vitamin D deficiency.

It is hoped the researchers would soon be able to discover a treatment for uterine fibroids which, in turn, would decrease the expenditure of females over surgery.

Meanwhile on the other continent, in Nigeria, reported the medicine which could shrink the fibroids tumor growth in the uterus.

‘Herbal medicine can cure fibroid’

Without subjecting  them to surgeries, fibroids sufferers can heave a sigh of relief trough traditional medicine.

The Chief Medical Consultant, Research Institute of Traditional and Alternative Medicine (RITAM), Dr Gilbert Ezengige, learned that there are herbal preparations made from anti-tumour herbs that will shrink the development of tumour in the uterus within few days.

Beside to consume soursop base traditional herbs, fibroids sufferers also to take some of the fibroids diet by avoiding foods that may trigger estrogen being dominant in the body.

So, before taking the surgery option, fibroids sufferers should try alternative treatments first. Clik here for complete news.

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