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Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil and What’s The Differences

palm oil

The difference of palm oil vs coconut oil is on the oil source, composition, and health benefits.

Food palm oil source is fleshy pulp of the palm tree’s fruit. The palm tree grows in tropical area, including Asia and Africa. Coconut oil source is from coconut fruit – coconut palm tree. Its all about palm oil vs coconut oil tree.

palm oil vs coconut oil
Palm Fruits

Palm oil is one of two oils from the Elaeis guineensis tree, beside palm kernel oil. While Palm oil is derived from the fleshy pulp of the fruit, palm kernel oil is obtained from the seed of a fruit.

Palm oil is red in color naturally. Refined palm oil is creamy white in color due to the beta carotene is removed.

Coconut oil produced from the coconut meat or copra (dried coconut meat). Coconuts grow in sandy island locations commonly in asia. Main producers of coconut products are asian country including  Philippines, Sri Lanka and  Indonesia.

Coconut oil commonly used in foods, as a soap base, as fuel and as a lubricant. Lately coconut oil used as an ingredient in beauty products. There are several different manufacturing processes of coconut oil and it can be produced in different grades.

The Differences Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil

– Palm oil contains less saturated fat than coconut oil. Palm oil contains 50% and coconut oil 92% saturated fat. Otherwise palm kernel oil contains 82% saturated fat.

– Palm oil does not promote atherosclerosis, despite its 50 percent saturated fatty acid content. Otherwise coconut oil potentially promote atherosclerosis of the found high levels of medium-chain triglycerides in the fat content in it.

– Palm oil offers little in a potent of anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral effect, while coconut oil offers more.

– Palm oil may have greater unhealthy effects when used for cooking than coconut oil.

Similarity of Palm Oil vs Coconut Oil

– Both oil well suitable for cooking because of their saturated nature.

– Both can raise cholesterol levels in individuals who curently have high cholesterol levels.

– Palm oils and coconut oil are both a typical saturated fats.

– Both oil have antioxidant properties that could have health benefits.

Palm oil health benefits

Health benefits attributed towards the medium chain fats contained include fat burning, increasing energy production and body defense mechanisms support.

Significant quantity of antioxidants in palm oil like vitamin E as well as carotene helping to help remedy many disease. However, palm oil is a saturated fat and is also not as heart healthy as some non-saturated vegetable oils, for example canola oil, olive and soybean.

Coconut oil health benefits

Vitamin E, (gamma-tocopherol) in coconut oil potentially effective in helping to treat many disease. The medium-chain fatty acids can disable a range of viruses, fungi and bacteria.

Coconut oil provides a positive effect on cardiovascular risk. The oil also reduces levels of LDL cholesterol, total cholesterol and lipoprotein(a).

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