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Lipoflavonoid Side Effects And Tinnitus Treatment

Lipoflavonoid Side Effects feature

There is some controversy over lipoflavonoid side effects and lipoflavonoids effectiveness. Lipoflavonoids can also be harmful. Side effects of lipoflavonoids include headache, nausea, abdominal pain and sometimes vomiting.

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Lipoflavonoids are a combination of vitamins and nutrient formula, conveniently packaged in one tablet. Multivitamins are purposed to add of minerals and vitamins in the human body as you can not always eat balanced meals and nutritious.

This is what the Mayo Clinic nutritionists said about the side effects of  lipoflavonoid ; “the supplements may do more harm than good.”

Lipoflavinoid is a dietary supplement recommended by ears doctors to help patients manage Meniere’s disease and tinnitus treatments (ringing in the ears) Lipoflavonoid caplets improves circulation in the inner ear.

Common Lipoflavonoid Side Effects

Serious side effects are very rare and usually occur only when lipoflavonoid drug interactions. Common side effects of lipoflavonoids are displeasing taste in your mouth, sometimes vomiting, abdominal pain, nausea and headache.

People who have a bad taste in the mouth or loss of appetite should be evaluate their use of the supplement with a doctor, Health Digest says.

Other side effects of  lipoflavonoids are make person’s urine bright yellow, make stools darken. But don’t worry, these effects are normal, according to the Health Digest.

Lipoflavonoid Side Effects

Allergic Reactions

Lipoflavonoids may cause allergic reactions in some people. These may include the swelling of  tongue, throat, facial and lip , hives, or breathing difficulties. This requires urgent medical treatment.

Drug Interactions

The multivitamins can interact with certain medication you are taking. Drugs that interact with lipoflavonoids are tretinoin, isotretinoin (brand name Accutane – Acne treatment), or any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like naproxen (Aleve) or ibuprofen (Motrin). All diuretics (pills designed to reduce water in the body) should not be taken with lipoflavonoids.

You should consult the doctor before taking a lipoflavonoids to avoid unwanted lipoflavonoid side effects.

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