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Leukaemia Symptoms – Recognize The Early Sign of Leukaemia

leukaemia symptoms
leukaemia symptoms

Recognizing the leukaemia symptoms helps to anticipate worse effects of the disease. Worried about whether you or your family are getting leukaemia was grantedespecially if you have a leukaemia sufferer family.

Leukaemia is a type of blood cancer which is very dangerous. Over the past 25 years, leukaemia up to 33% increased in Europe and about 20% in children from age one to four.

Leukaemia Facts

To enhance your knowledge of leukaemia disease, check the leukaemia facts:

–  Leukaemia is a type of cancer caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells

–  The Leukaemia and lymphoma account for nearly half of all childhood cancers. Leukaemia is   the most deadly form of childhood cancer

–  More than half the cases of childhood leukaemia accounted for children under five years

–  85% of all childhood leukaemia accounts of acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

–  Each year 24,500 people in Britain are diagnosed with blood cancer and 11,500 people in Britain living with the disease

Clinically and Pathologically, leukaemia divided in a variety of large groups. The first is between the acute leukaemia and chronic leukaemia forms. Furthermore, according to type blood cells is affected leukaemia divided into lymphoblastic or lymphocytic leukaemia (infection-fighting immune system cells) and myeloid or myelogenous leukaemia (red blood cells).

Person who diagnosed with a leukaemia disease shouldn’t be worry excessively. With the advances in medical research and technology today the number of children who survive and recover from childhood leukaemia sharply increases in the past 50 years, from nearly zero to over 80% of cases.

Leukaemia Symptoms

People with chronic leukaemia may have no symptoms. The symptoms of leukaemia depends on the number of leukaemia cells and the place where these cells accumulate in the body. This is why routine blood test become important. The doctor diagnose the disease by the blood test report.

Leukaemia cells are just like all blood cells travel through the body. If the brains are affected, can cause headache, confusion, vomiting, loss of muscle control, or convulsions.

Common symptoms of chronic or acute leukaemia can be:

Swollen lymph nodes which are generally not hurt (especially the lymph nodes in the neck or armpits)

–  Bleeding and bruising easily

–  Difficulty concentrating and suddenly persistent infections.

–  Sudden weight loss for no known reason and constant fatigue, tiredness weakness

–  Pain in the bones or joints

–  Fever or night sweats

–  Swelling or discomfort in the abdomen (the swollen spleen or liver)

These symptoms look like symptoms of other diseases. Other health problems or Infection or can also cause these symptoms. Doctor who performed a laboratory diagnosis can only tell one get leukaemia for sure.

The most appropriate way was to check up to the doctor so that problems can be diagnosed and treated appropriately as soon as possible. Be aware of Leukaemia symptoms .

Worried about whether you or your family are getting leukemia is granted. leukemia is a blood cancer that is very dangerous. Over the past 25 years, leukemia up to 33% Increased in Europe and about 20% in children from age one to four

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