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Hyaluronic Acid Injections Side Effects

Hyaluranic acid is one substance that is generated by human body naturally. Some parts of human body, such as joints and fluids in the eyes have high concentration of certain acid. But today, hyaluronic acid is also developed through laboratory from some sources; specialists make extraction of hyaluronic acid typically from combs of cock or either by using some species of bacteria that can provide hyaluronic acid. Such substance is useful for various purposes, such as curing joint disorder like osteoarthritis and helping to replace natural fluids during some eyes surgeries. Besides, the main function at health treatment, certain acid is also capable to be applied for appearance improvement purpose. It can be used as lip filler during plastic surgery and it also can slow down the effects of aging.Hyaluronic Acid Injections Side Effects

In addition to its usefulness, some specialists also warn people about certain acid side effect. Generally, hyaluronic acid does not contain really harmfull effect for people. However, if people get hyaluronic acid through injection, they may have some redness in the injected point. They will also feel pain at certain place. Hyaluronic acid can also cause reactions of allergy for some people, but it is found rarely.

For more serious side effects are for women who are pregnant and doing breast feeding.  Most specialists are still not sure with the safety of hyaluronic acid if it is given through mouth for pregnant women. But, they argue that it is possibly safe when it is given through injection. However, they recommend women who are breast feeding not to use hyaluronic acid due to lack of information about its effect to their babies.

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