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High Rep Squats For Muscle Strength

High Rep Squats


On this article we would start discuss the body building issue, especially high rep squats. Although high rep squats the least favorite of all iron exercises, squats are the best way to build quads and by far the best singular overall lower body exercise.High Rep Squats

Beside strengthen the muscle, high rep squats can enhance muscle size and give you more endurance. Squat will allow you to push your muscles to the next level in a shorter period of time. But you have to keep this in mind; squatting is a strenuous exercise all around. Doing high rep squats you chances of injury aren’t very high. Some of the main complaints after doing too many reps in a set are balance issues and dizziness. This may not be the case for you, but, I would bet it will be for many.

Generally speaking, those looking to build muscle size above all else will usually do no more than 15 repetitions. More than 15  will begin to be exchanged for endurance gains. Take a repetitions of higher than 15 If endurance gains are your goal.

Suppose you aim at 15 reps in one go. Do not stop after 10 reps, take a quick pause and then pump up your energy to the maximum and do the last 5 reps again. Even if you need to take another quick pause between your 13th and 14th rep no problem, but you will do the 15 reps. You wont stop no matter what. Experts call this a rest-pause set.

Some people recommend go for squats of 1 – 5 reps for muscle strength, and 6 – 12 repetitions if you are looking for muscle size. This is the moderate one.

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