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Health Hazards Due too Frequent Use Tight Pants

tight pants

Do you know what the tight pants syndrome (TPS) is?

Using the tight pants is a contemporary fashion, but too often uses the tights are also not good for health, especially for women.

Lisa Stern, an expert on women’s health is also concerned about this, as quoted from Glamour, said “A lot of women who use tights in her daily life and unwittingly seemed tight pants syndrome has reached epidemic levels,” Monday (19 / 7 / 2010).

TPS Hazards on femininity genital

Lisa also said, to use tights risk for vaginal health, tight pants will cause suffered for the vagina. Do not think this news is only slightly joking, there are already many cases of tight pants syndrome (TPS). The most common symptoms of this syndrome are the changes in vaginal fluid color that previously white can sometimes be the yellow or solid color. Then followed by pelvic pain, vaginal itching and sometimes skin irritation.

Effect of TPS on the intestines and nerves

Dr. Octaviano Bessa, an internist from Stamford Connecticut said the use of pants that are too tight can disrupt the gut works. This makes a person feel uncomfortable or pain in the stomach after two or three hours after eating. But most people do not realize that the condition was caused by the use of tight pants.

Moreover, tight pants are also at risk of neurological problems. If its use combined with stiletto heels it will put pressure on the nerve that causes tingling and burning feeling in the leg.

This information is not to prohibit the use of tight pants. But after knowing the adverse effect is too often used the tight pants, let’s gradually reduce its uses in the home life at least. At home we can use loose clothing for your health.

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