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George St Pierre Workout and Training Routine

George St Pierre workout

George St Pierre workoutLearn George St Pierre workout and how he use a variety of techniques and tactics to stay on top of his opponent, including a strict diet, maintain a positive attitude and MMA (mixed martial arts).

George St Pierre Workout Routine

Training and workout routine is what St-pierre doing if he have no fight ahead. St-Pierre train six days a week, two training sessions a day. “In any kind of training I do, I train with guys better than me, so I still have my skills”, St-Pierre said. He has many great training partners in boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and thai boxing to train with.

In boxing St-Pierre train with the guys that going to the Olympics. In jiu-jitsu he train with some of the best boys jiu-jitsu in the world.

“When the battle is getting closer, St-Pierre  trained not only in boxing, or wrestling. He invite his training partners come to his gym and mix all the training together. “I think boxing, wrestling, Thai boxing, jujitsu — that’s the four disciplines that I do. I also do sprinting and strength-conditioning. If you want a fighter MMA driving, you must have experience in something.” St-Pierre said.

George St Pierre Diet

George St-Pierre use the diet to lose weight. He cut carbs, sodium and eat lots of green vegetables and high in protein. By doing so, he restrict himself and make the weight. And after weighing, He do the opposite by eating lots of carbs and get his weight back.

“My favorite food is tourtiere, a French Canadian dish, but unfortunately I can’t eat that when I’m cutting my weight down. It’s going to be for after the fight. My mother makes the best tourtiere in the world.” George St-Pierre said.

George St Pierre Training

Georges St-Pierre said. “If you train with people who are better than you, give you a challenge. For me, a challenge that makes me better. It is in improving your skills of those still in training with the same people, and yet again. I have a very good team.”

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