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Coconut Oil Alzheimer’s Hoax Or Cure ?

coconut oil alzheimer's hoax

Discussion on coconut oil alzheimer’s hoax coming back after Dr. oz talking about this on his show. Inviting the controversial dr. Mercola coconut oil diet as Alzheimer cure attract public attention.

Previously Dr. Mary Newport reported her husband’s Alzheimer’s treatment using coconut oil. The question is whether their claims can be justified by science? or just a marketing trick – not to mentioning scam / hoax.

Coconut Oil Alzheimer’s Hoax

Dr. Newport learned that the ingredient in the drug trial which was showing so much promise without the negative side effects.

coconut oil alzheimer's hoax
coconut oil

It should be admitted until now coconut oil is still a good ketone source. but sadly for the Alzheimer’s medication there is very thin evidence.

However, some specialist still hesitate this argument and they say it is just rumor of people who prefer traditional and alternative treatment and do not like the conventional one or maybe just hoax.

Specialists still research if any usefulness of coconut oil for human brain, including curing Alzheimer’s, because today such disease is one that categorized as incurable disease. It’s just like another drugs and coconut oil dementia conspiracy.

Coconut Oil Benefits

More people have known the usefulness of consuming coconut oil. Coconut oil considered one healthiest kind of oil in the world compare with others, such as palm oil. Due to updated researches, coconut oil can help to boost metabolism process, thus each substances enter into human body will be modified into energy. Therefore, no substances that will accumulate, which later can increase chance of someone to get some sicknesses, such as diabetes and heart attack.

Coconut oil also helps people who want to reduce their body weight through healthy diet. By consuming coconut oil regularly, their appetite will be reduced constantly.

The researchers said that some rural areas which inhabitants still use coconut oil for their daily meal are much healthier than town people who often use other kind of oil.

Anyway, people who have added coconut oil at their diets and have been consuming it for long acknowledge its usefulness for their health. Therefore, popularity of coconut oil is increasing as one best alternative for people diet that can provide real benefits. With more advanced researches of coconut oil, we may reveal more other advantages of consuming certain oil. Participate on coconut oil alzheimer’s hoax discussion by leave comment below.

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