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Cold Urticaria Pictures and The Diagnosis

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Cold Urticaria (cold hives) is a red welts and large, on the skin after exposure to a cold stimulus. Cold urticaria is a type of allergy, in most cases, hives, swelling and often itching. Their size can range from the size of a pencil eraser to a size of a fifty cents or more. Elimination urticaria diet is one option of urticaria treatment. See cold urticaria pictures below:

Cold test is usually obtained to diagnose cold urticaria. During the cold test, usually for 2-3 minutes a piece of ice held in the forearm. A positive result is a mark in the forearm of the increased red hives.

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cold urticaria pictures 1

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cold urticaria treatment

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Coconut Oil Alzheimer’s Hoax Or Cure ?

coconut oil alzheimer's hoax

Discussion on coconut oil alzheimer’s hoax coming back after Dr. oz talking about this on his show. Inviting the controversial dr. Mercola coconut oil diet as Alzheimer cure attract public attention.

Previously Dr. Mary Newport reported her husband’s Alzheimer’s treatment using coconut oil. The question is whether their claims can be justified by science? or just a marketing trick – not to mentioning scam / hoax.

Coconut Oil Alzheimer’s Hoax

Dr. Newport learned that the ingredient in the drug trial which was showing so much promise without the negative side effects.

coconut oil alzheimer's hoax
coconut oil

It should be admitted until now coconut oil is still a good ketone source. but sadly for the Alzheimer’s medication there is very thin evidence.

However, some specialist still hesitate this argument and they say it is just rumor of people who prefer traditional and alternative treatment and do not like the conventional one or maybe just hoax.

Specialists still research if any usefulness of coconut oil for human brain, including curing Alzheimer’s, because today such disease is one that categorized as incurable disease. It’s just like another drugs and coconut oil dementia conspiracy.

Coconut Oil Benefits

More people have known the usefulness of consuming coconut oil. Coconut oil considered one healthiest kind of oil in the world compare with others, such as palm oil. Due to updated researches, coconut oil can help to boost metabolism process, thus each substances enter into human body will be modified into energy. Therefore, no substances that will accumulate, which later can increase chance of someone to get some sicknesses, such as diabetes and heart attack.

Coconut oil also helps people who want to reduce their body weight through healthy diet. By consuming coconut oil regularly, their appetite will be reduced constantly.

The researchers said that some rural areas which inhabitants still use coconut oil for their daily meal are much healthier than town people who often use other kind of oil.

Anyway, people who have added coconut oil at their diets and have been consuming it for long acknowledge its usefulness for their health. Therefore, popularity of coconut oil is increasing as one best alternative for people diet that can provide real benefits. With more advanced researches of coconut oil, we may reveal more other advantages of consuming certain oil. Participate on coconut oil alzheimer’s hoax discussion by leave comment below.

Diabetes And Kidney Failure Are Linked in Obese Person

diabetes kidney failure

Diabetes, kidney failure and obesity are linked together diabetes kidney failure

Damage and insufficiency of kidney in a diabetic patient is named as diabetic nephropathy. People who have both diabetes and obese increased three times in risk of being diagnosed with severe kidney problems that lead to the need for dialysis or transplantation.

There is no specific symptoms during the first signs of kidney insufficiency and damage. Probably there isn’t anything happens, unless your doctor test for a protein in the urine (done with a dip stick in the office) run. If your doctor detects the presence of protein, depending on the amount of protein present, it will be monitored closely.

The kidneys are still able to function normally and do the work, during the early stages of diabetic nephropathy.  To prevent further damage to the kidneys to obtain blood pressure under control, action really need to be taken. It is  to aticipate new risks for the kidneys.

The kidney function is to purify the blood, but if the excess blood sugar (glucose) present, it could resulting in damage to the kidneys. Such damage can occur even before anyone knows they have diabetes or not but considered obese. The hyperglycemia present in the bodies of obese people and people with diabetes are a problem to these organs and other bodily functions.

Diabetes, Kidney Failure and Other Disesase

If you have diabetes and kidney failure you are have an increased risk of hypertension and accumulation of toxins in the blood because the kidneys are unable to filter them. The two options currently available are dialysis or kidney transplantation. Dialysis intended to clean up blood with a remote machine you are connected to. Your blood run through the machine and go back into your body.

Why Is Colon Cancer Curable

Is colon cancer curable ? Colon cancer could becured, though the chance of the happening depends on the stage it’s got  discovered.  Any cancer that can be early diagnosed has big opportunity more curable, colon cancer is oneof the most diagnosed early type.

The prognosis for the majority types of cancers are poor–meaning there’s no known cure. For colon cancer or bowel cancer, the prognosis is pretty good compared with many other solid cancers, is diagnosed early. Between 50% and 60% of people who have colon cancer survive for five years, after which it a return of the cancer is uncommon.  When the disease is caught at the time when the tumour has not spread over the bowel wall (so-called Dukes grade A), then the cure rate is over 90 per Colon Cancer curable

Here are the stage definitions  as well as their survival rates:

Stage 1: Cancer has not grown over the wall, with no metastases are located – 5 year survival about 93% Continue with reading

Diet For Gallbladder Sufferers – Natural Ways To Cures Gallstones

The diet for gallbladder sufferers to relieve the pain sensation of gallbladder attacks while awaiting gallbladder surgery. The most problem of gallbladder is gallstones. The biliary duct can become develop gallstones if blocked. This difficulty digesting food and causes severe pain for most sufferers.

First off, if you’ve land the gallbladder stones diet articles, you are probably experiencing gallbladder disease symptoms like sharp pains sensations through your abdomen to the way between your shoulder blades and also up till your right shoulder. Another gallstones symptoms, you might be feeling a bit nauseated.

diet for gallbladder sufferersBut what if you possibly could cure gallstones naturally with holistic treatment, why you spend nearly 15 thousand for gallbladder surgery and the loss an important organ of your body. Before taking this surgery option, whether the operation guarantee no more gallbladder stones? Are you ready to deal with the possible side effects of the surgery, such as bowel cancer?

The gallbladder is extremely important to the human body, the gallbladder does numerous amazing things that you’re better  off healing it with natural methods. You  most likely don’t have to  get surgery if you are  willing to adhere to some simple natural tips which are 100% safe and risk-free.

Gallbladder cleansing diet is one of the proven ways of natural cure for gallstones. With a ‘back to nature’ diet you are able to get over gallstones. Follow the diet instructions below

Foods to Eat

  • fruits and vegetables including tomatoes, beetroot, melons, grapes, etc. Fruit and veggies are incredibly healthy for gallbladder sufferers
  • high fiber foods, such as wholegrain  breads, oatmeal, brown rice, etc.
  • low fat foods to reduce  the chances of gallbladder attacks.
  • low fat dairy foods such as yogurt, cheese and milk

Foods to Avoid

  • Red meat like beef, pork, salmon and tuna because they are full of fats and difficult to digest.
  • Tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and refined tea should be avoided as it can cause other complications.
  • Chemical food additives including coloring agents and sweeteners.
  • dairy foods like milk and cheese have to be eliminate completely from the daily menu. This dairy foods might cause very severe negative effects for the digestive system.

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How To Take The Diet For Gallbladder Sufferers Work Better

In order to diet for gallbladder stones work effectively, make breakfast as the heaviest meal  in the day. Most gallstone pain occurs during the night and could be worsen if you eat large meals too late within the day.

Have plain rice and boiled chicken for lunch break rather than eating a quick burger and make dinner as the lightest meal of the day. If you are hungry at night, eat light and lean foods like mashed potatoes, easily digested vegetables and fish.

Flushing The Poison Away From Your System

Yes, with gallstones flush, you will flushing the poison out of your system, obviously the appropriateway and proper diet. Learn the ideal methods to flushing out of the system of gallstones from Gallstone Diet guide.

But whatever your choice for yourself, it is in your hands. Whether to select surgery or low-cost holistic cure gallstones and riskfree. Any decision will be very big impact in your life ahead. Stay healthy and continue a diet for gallbladder sufferers.